The Steelers are delighted to announce that long-standing supporters of the club, Birmingham Seals Company Limited (BSCL) have agreed to become the kit sponsor for the Adult programme, allowing the team to place its order with uniform provider Alpha for the new VX colour rush uniforms being worn by all kitted programmes!

BSCL continue to demonstrate their commitment to grassroots sports with this significant investment, and the club are delighted than Antony and Claire chose to invest once again in the Steelers, and to local sports in general

Rob Amor, Chairman

Amongst a number of return on investment opportunities, the BSCL logo will feature prominently under the back numbers of all Adult jerseys.


In addition to investing heavily in the Adult programme, BSCL further demonstrated their passion for enabling sporting opportunities by investing funds in to the Under 17 programme, allowing the club to put on a number of sessions to kick off the 2020 pre-season.

All at the Steelers would like to thank BSCL for their kind generosity!