by Sam Banner

After starting the back half of the season with a win against Lancashire, Sandwell made the trip to Nottingham for the return fixture against the Caesars. 

With Nottingham trying to stay in the hunt for the playoffs and Sandwell looking to keep hold of the number one spot in the division, both sides had a lot to play for. However, the Steelers rolled through their opponents behind a brutal running game and a seemingly impenetrable defence. 

RB Raph Chisholm started the scoring with two touchdowns on the ground after some early stops from the defence. DE Alex Roofe claimed a sack on the next drive and WR Steve Kinnersley showed strength in a collision with a DB for the opening passing touchdown from QB Tristan Varney. Kinnersley wasn’t the only one catching passes though, as DB Pete Roden snagged another pick on the season and was quickly matched by DB Andy Wilson in the second quarter. 

Not everything went to plan for Sandwell though as they were penalised heavily throughout the game, one such penalty negating a wonderful kick return touchdown from WR Alex Salter

RB Raph Chisholm picked up yet another hat trick on the day and WR Roman Huggins ran in a 59 yard touchdown to bring the half time score to 36-0.

With yet another rolling clock in the second half Sandwell was limited to only a further 12 points, scored by stand out WR Alex Salter who sealed the 48 point victory with a long touchdown catch from a trick play thrown by WR Alex Mackenzie-Grist

The highlight of the second half, however, was a goal line stand from the defence, who banded together after a fumble left the Caesars yards from the Steelers end zone, to keep Nottingham with a goose egg on the scoreboard. 


09/06 – Doncaster Mustangs 0-42 Chester Romans

09/06 – Nottingham Caesars 16-36 Lancashire Wolverines

16/06 – Lancashire Wolverines 22-21 Shropshire Revolution

23/06 – Shropshire Revolution 20-6 Chester Romans

23/06 – Doncaster Mustangs 0-1 Lancashire Wolverines (W/O)

23/06 – Nottingham Caesars 0-48 Sandwell Steelers

Following the walkover awarded win to Lancashire Wolverines, Doncaster Mustangs were issued a ‘yellow card’ by the British American Football Association, and subsequently relegated to Division Two for the 2020 season.

1Sandwell Steelers700356241.000
2Lancashire Wolverines5301701600.625
3Shropshire Revolution4301201150.571
4Nottingham Caesars4401541740.500
5Chester Romans2501081580.286
6Doncaster Mustangs (R)070202970.000


The Legion of Swag had another stellar group performance against the Caesars, and have now amassed an incredible £510 for the Kaleidoscope Plus Group through just seven games!


All eyes turn to the Romans this coming weekend as Sandwell make the trip to Chester Romans for their last away game of the season. A win for the Steelers will earn the NFC1 South crown, and a guaranteed home game in the first round of the playoffs.


As it stands, the Steelers would host Northumberland Vikings in the first round of the playoffs, with the winner facing the winner of East Kilbride Pirates versus Lancashire Wolverines. Undefeated, and with the #1 ranked defense across the whole Division One, the Steelers would hold the #1 seed (and home field advantage) throughout the playoffs. There’s still plenty of football left though…