Name: Sydney Green
Age: 20
Position: QB (most of the time)
Experience: this will be my 5th season playing
NFL Team: Chicago Bears

Why football?
Sometimes I still question why I play when it’s so physically and mentally exhausting; but even when I watch the senior programmes play or even the NFL I get the urge to kit up and join in. I still get the excitement every game day, and I guess I’ll keep playing until that goes!

Hopes for the season?
I don’t have many personal ones, I’m very fortunate for the opportunities I already have within football. However with quite a few rookies this year, my goal is for them to fall in love with football way I have, and many of the Steeler Familia has. It’s a special programme to be a part of, which is growing every year. I can’t wait to see what impact these girls can make👊🏼