Name: Rose Hayward

Number: #99

Position: Wide Receiver

Years Playing: Two

NFL Team: NY Giants

Why Football?

Football is in my family. My two uncles played for the Wolverhampton Outlaws and I have been into it since I was about 14. My Dad and I have watched the Superbowl every year until I met the Steelers, and now it’s with you guys! One huge aspect in why I continue playing, and why I love our team, is that I’ve gained so many new friends and the incredible bond that we have as a team on and off the field is unmatchable.

Hopes for the year?

My goals for this season are to expand on what I’ve already learned from our coaches, the Diamond Series, our opponents and hopefully GB camp. With these new skills I hope to improve my play, agility, fitness and strength as an individual to help the team put points on the scoreboard, and assisting other teammates to show the top division what we can bring, along with some sass and as always, George! <3