In a deviation from the standard awards presented at the 2019 Awards Ceremony, the Steelers were delighted to receive special awards from ACME Whistles for the three Coach of the Year Awards.

ACME is an independent company that manufactures everything it offers itself in our Birmingham factory. From conception through design to production and market launch the process is never out of their hands. ACME’s customers love their products and so do ACME in equal measure. Trends change, fashions and cycles ebb away only to return later, sometimes in a different guise. Listening carefully to what customers want and say and solving their problems has always been the ACME way of keeping pace.

Since the introduction of the first ever football whistle developed by ACME founder, Joseph Hudson, ACME’s football whistles have been used part of many famous football events, most notably for them, it was an ACME whistle that sounded the triumph of England’s legendary 1996 World Cup win.

It was with great delight, therefore, that the Steelers were able to provide the three winning coaches with replica Thunderer trophy awards, courtesy of ACME Whistles!

2019 Coach of the Year Winners

Adult – Gary Hodgen

Women’s – Adam Bates

Under 17 – Alex Mackenzie-Grist