Name: Amber Norbury
Age: 25
Position: Offensive Line
Number: 67 (at Steelers)
Experience: this is my third year playing (flag and contact), but my first season with the Steelers
Team: Miami Dolphins

Why Football?
My brother used to play and the team he played for at the time (Staffs Surge) was setting up a women’s team, so I went along to the first session and I fell in love with the sport.

I love the way everyone has to work together for things to fall into place, we’ve all got jobs to do and if we don’t do them it causes a ripple effect. Since playing football, I’ve gained friends on and off the field. Football is a sport for literally anyone and that’s the best bit, because it brings people together that you’d probably never meet and you get to ball out and have fun together.

Hopes for the year
Personally, my hope is just for me to do my job right, make myself proud and get in some good hits. In terms of the team, I’m really excited to be a Steeler and play ball with these girls. I’ve felt so welcome since I joined the team and I honestly can’t wait to see what we can achieve this year!